About Mama Sheila

Sheila started cooking at 15 years old. Because of her mother’s work schedule, Sheila had to prepare the meals for the family. Also, being surrounded by aunts who were great cooks, have helped Sheila developed into the awesome cook she is today.
Sheila has cooked for churches, weddings, family reunions and many social occasions. People have always loved her food. Over the years she has entertained hundreds of people in her home and they could never get enough of her delicious and mouthwatering food. Somewhere along the way, the people who enjoyed her food began calling her Mama Sheila. Mama Sheila says the reason her food is so good is because she cooks from her soul and that’s what makes it real soul food. Mama Sheila also prepares great vegetarian dishes.
Now it is your turn to enjoy Mama Sheila’s Soul Food.

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